Angelo   Di Paolo


Hello, my name is Angelo. I'm a software developer living in Pittsburgh.

I work at Walmart Labs, helping build the Electrode-iOS platform, a collection of open source Swift frameworks that power Walmart's iOS apps.

I have been developing apps and tools for iOS since 2009. Before moving full-time to iOS development, I built web applications with C# and JavaScript.

I'm a big fan of the Swift programming language and have been writing Swift since it was first released.



Electrode-iOS is a collection of open-source Swift frameworks that power Walmart's iOS apps.


An API for interacting with HTTP web services in Swift. ELWebService powers the HTTP networking capabilities in the Walmart iOS app.


A Swift API for storing, retrieving, and removing generic password items in the system Keychain.


A Swift framework that provides a bridged JavaScript API and web view controller for building hybrid web applications on iOS.

Personal Projects

Various personal projects.


Giant Bomb API HTTP client for Swift.


My personal collection of Swift utilities and helpers for various iOS programming tasks.


Asynchronous HTTP networking class for Swift. I wrote this hobby project as an excuse to dive head first in to Swift when the language was first released.


A utility built on top of AFNetworking for interacting with model objects over RESTful HTTP services in Objective-C.

Swift Breakout

A demo of Breakout written in Swift using Sprite Kit.

JavaScript Breakout

Another demo of Breakout in JavaScript using HTML5 canvas.


angelojdipaolo at icloud dot com. You can also find me on Twitter, Github, and LinkedIn.